15 dragging

20170807_130056AS MUCH AS YOU CAN

     And if you can’t shape your life

the way you want,

     at least try as much as you can

     not to degrade it by dragging

it along,

     by too much contact with the world,

     by too much activity and talk.


     Try not to degrade it by dragging 

it along,

     taking it around and exposing it so 


     to the daily silliness

     of social events and parties,

     until it comes to seem a a boring



C. Cavafy, 1913 (translated by E. Keeley and P. Sherrard)



8 water…


The world is empty with consolers and managers.

And, yet, we are all water.

“Only water can endow complete solitude

akin to the stars akin to the silence of dismantled skies

to scorch time to fill rubies

and to create the past out of that which has not arrived yet

it can impersonate all that is not and be a wall

but it cannot imitate itself

it is quite simple in that regard

it is the stock of dreams and deaths and all possible


(from the poem “Ode to Water” by Branko Miljković, translated by me)