(photo of the “Blue Angel” from the poem “The Angel of Arilje” by Branko Miljković, Church of st Achilles, taken by me)

three selected passages/sentences, preceding the poem:

There exists no triumph outside unhappiness.

It may be explained only by the waters that do not flow, that peaceful countenance when the fire and the action end, and crystallization begins.

This particular Angel, illuminated from within his being – were he in a desert, he would say: why would I need hope if I could not preserve this desert. Were he to descend from the wall, he would say: This is the space which extends love.


pesmi prethode sledeći odabrani delovi –

Ne postoji trijumf izvan nesreće.

To mogu da objasne samo vode koje ne teku, taj mirni lik kada prestaje vatra i zbivanje i počinje kristalizacija.

Ovaj konkretni Andjeo, osvetljen sobom iznutra, da je u pustinji rekao bi: šta će mi nada ako ne sačuvam ovu pustinju. Da sidje sa zida, rekao bi: Ovo je predeo koji produžuje ljubav.

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